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Florence's hours

Guided Tour: Classic Florence

guided tours classic florence


This tour offers the possibility to know Florence's major works of art.  



3 hours tour

We start from the religious city center, with the  Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo), Giotto's Bell tower and the Baptistery with its famous bronze "Doors of Paradise".
We proceed to piazza Repubblica, the hearth of the ancient roman town Florentia and passing by the Straw Market – Mercato del Porcellino-, we reach Ponte Vecchio, famous for its jewelry stores. The tour ends at Piazza Signoria, the political center of town. Book a walking tours of Florence with us!

The duration of the guided tour is approximately three hours.

Any entrance fee or reservation included.


6 hours tour

It's possible to complete the guided tour of Florence visiting the Uffizi Gallery or Santa Croce Church, which houses Michelangelo's graves.  An alternative is a guided tour of the Palazzo della Signoria, still the political center of Florence.


The duration of the guided tour is approximately six hours.

Any entrance fee or reservation included. Starting from 1st December 2017 all the groups consisting of more than 8 visitors (including their guide) must be provided with earphones so as to allow the guide to speak as much as possible in a low voice with due regard to the museum's premises.

  Guides in Florence



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