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Florence's hours

Guided Tour: Discovering Leonardo’s places in Florence

leonardo Guided Tour Florence

The association “Guides in Florence” proposes a guided tour in Florence discovering the places, where the great genius used to live, to study and to work as an artist, engineer and inventor.

The itinerary will lead you through the most important streets and squares of the town, focusing on both the places where Leonardo’s father Ser Piero lived and worked, and the ones connected with his apprenticeship in Andrea del Verrocchio’s workshop. You will discover with our guides the stories, the anecdotes and the curiosities of one of the most important personalities of the Italian Renaissance. The guided tour lasts three hours, but on request it can be completed including the Museum of the Machines, in order to deepen your knowledge about Leonardo’s inventions, or the Uffizi Gallery in order to learn more about his artistic education and activity. In the Gallery you will admire both his masterpieces, and the paintings made by the artists who inspired him and the ones made by the artists, who were influenced by him.



  Guides in Florence



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