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Florence's hours

Guided Tour: Renaissance Italian Gardens in Florence

guided tour Bardini Garden

Besides the archaeological and architectural heritage, Florence also boasts botanical and environmental treasures, starting from the Boboli Gardens or from the Bardini Garden, close to Piazzale Michelangelo. In addition, the Florentine territory is rich of old castles and villas built by important local families, including that of the Medici.


The guided tour includes a visit to the Boboli Garden. The garden is located behind Pitti Palace, the last residence of the Medici family.

In addition to the Boboli Garden , which is considered the typical Italian garden of the Renaissance, it is also possible to visit the nearby Bardini Garden. As an alternative, it is possible to visit the parks which surround the Medici Villas in Castello,  a pleasant resort within a stone’s throw from Florence. Book a walking tour of Florence with us!


guided tour Boboli gardenDuration:
 The duration of the guided tour is approximately 3 hours long and includes the visit of the Boboli Garden and of the Bardini Garden, subject to entrance fee, not included in the tour rate. Free entrance to the Medici Villa Petraia and gardens.

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